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  How to Use a Biological Microscope?  


Adjusting the Microscope according to user’s build

The biological microscopes may be adjusted according to the height of the user by simply manipulating the length of the eyepiece. This helps eliminate strain and discomfort during use. The eyepiece tube is tilted naturally at a 30 degree angle for comfortable viewing, although it may be adjusted to conform to a specific user. This should offer the best angle while encouraging a natural posture for the body. If the user is very tall, an eye level riser may be used to raise the eye point. Eye level risers are 25mm high and biological microscopes allow the use of up to 2 risers.


Using light

A biological microscope is equipped with a built-in halogen lamp to facilitate viewing. If there is no source of power, use the mirror unit and simply find a source of light. The mirror is detachable. To install, remove the field lens unit and attach to secure the mirror in place. The mirror unit will give a decent amount of illumination for viewing but don’t expect too much during high magnifications where it may not perform as well.

Using the focus knobs

If you want to view objects using low to medium magnifications, use the coarse focus knob. If you want a closer look using high magnifications, use the fine focus knob. At very high magnifications, it’s usually more difficult to focus the objective lens that is why you should try viewing the specimen with the coarse focus first before refining the image with the fine focus knob.

Working with short working distance objectives

A problem with short working distance objectives is that there is always the risk they will hit the slide and damage it. With a biological microscope, you can prevent this from happening by setting the upper limit to the stage movement first. Even if you changed slides, you can keep the specimen and the objective safe

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